• 50 minutes personal lesson
  • Course material
  • Homework
  • Correction of exercises by email
  • Student evaluations and updates.
  • The JPG recording of the session


1 : 1  ... 10 Hours...   105.00 € (One student)

2 : 1  .. 10 Hours ... 80.00  € per student.  (Two people sharing tuition)

You can start today by requesting a  trial lesson to assess your Spanish level. We will then discuss the best Spanish course for your individual needs and your e-tutor Lic.Euqueria Zamora will  answer any questions you might have.

Trial lessons are 
30 minute one-on-one lessons that cost 6 Euros. 

All classes include.

Online classes from October till March.

Enjoy all the comforts that online learning provides!

Decide how many hours you would like to study. You can choose the time of your lessons, the number of lessons and the length of your course.
If you are an absolute beginner or speak little Spanish, it would probably be useful for you to begin with 2 hours of lessons per day for two weeks, to get you started. After that, you can cut back to two or three lessons a week to keep you on track.
If you want to study for a test or an exam or wish to learn Spanish for a specific reason, the lessons can be tailor-made to suit your needs. 
All learning materials will be customized to suit your language-learning goals and needs.

The lessons are paid in advance via Paypal.
You can cancel or change the class 24 hours in advance by email.

Flexible learning.



A unique opportunity to increase your Spanish language skills quickly, examine
​Cuban culture and explore the city.

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Learning online is just like studying in the traditional classroom, but you’ll be learning from the comfort of your home or office. All you need is a compatible computer or mobile device with Internet connection. You don't have to download any software – You will just receive a link which takes you directly to the online classroom. Online lessons are held with a maximum of 2 students in each class.

 Spanish Language Homestay Immersion Programs in Santiago de Cuba