Spanish Language Homestay Immersion Programs in Santiago de Cuba

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A unique opportunity to increase your Spanish language skills quickly, examine Cuban culture and explore the city.

The taxi will cost in the range of 110 - 120 CUC. If you want, we could send a driver to
​ pick you up. That will have the advantage of the taxi driver knowing where your casa is at.

Direct flights to Santiago de Cuba  and Holguín     

Transfers are by private taxi and we make no charge for arranging this service. Students are asked to pay the taxi driver direct. For about $15.00 each way,  students can ride from and to Santiago de Cuba Airport.

Transportation from Holguin to Santiago

All flights originate in Toronto, Fort Lauderdale, Paris, Rome or Madrid.   

Getting Here

 Santiago de Cuba Airport Transfer

We suggest you make your reservation with time enough and try to flight directly to Santiago de Cuba as public transport is scarce and subject to frequent cancellations. You also could flight to Holguin, which is only 2 or 3 hours from Santiago.