We all are university graduates, committed to providing excellent language classes.

We are a group of experienced and dedicated Cuban language teachers who offer Spanish Language Homestay Immersion Programs in Santiago de Cuba to mature students, who want to learn Spanish in the shortest period of time in a comfortable atmosphere. We all are university graduates, committed to providing excellent language classes.

We look forward to meeting you in Santiago de Cuba!

Academia Caribe was set up by Lic.Euqueria Zamora in late 2004 with the help of other Cuban teachers, friends, and family. She obtained her Licentiate Degree in Education from the Instituto Superior Pedagógico "Enrique J. Varona Havana and also attended the 60 ects- credit Teacher Education Program for University Teachers held at the Haaga- Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki city, Finland.

Altogether, Euqueria has taught English and Spanish for more than 34 years to students of different levels and nationalities. She has taught at some of the top Cuban and Finnish universities and so, she understands the challenges of learning a foreign language. She has also written a number of coursebooks for elementary, intermediate and advanced students. She fluently speaks English, French, and Finnish. Teaching has always been her passion.

​​Apart from periods spent abroad, she has lived in Santiago de Cuba for much of her life.

We are committed to our society and community!

We are proud of our commitment to sharing with our community, friends, and families part of the programs’ fee revenues, particularly those families with children.

We also support our community by distributing, among the families in need, all the items which students bring for Cubans as an act of solidarity.

Coronavirus is affecting us all and your donation will help us supply essential resources to where they are needed most.

We need your contribution to help Cuban families who need access to clean water, sanitation, and protective supplies. .

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