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On afternoons you can enjoy a lovely activity program. These activities might include the visit to the following places:

A car-drive for a longer and more in-depth tour - From 90 USD/EUROS(for up to 3 passengers)

Supplement for taking pictures at the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery must be paid directly at the entrance.
No shorts allowed and shoulders must be covered to enter the church so ladies take a wrap here or for other churches just in case.
During this wonderful ride, you will have time to stop along the way at the most popular landmarks in order to take stunning photos!

Duration: 3 hrs
Price per person:  30 USD/Euros

​Excursions and Activities

This tour takes you to:
-The Santa Ifigenia Cemetery where Fidel Castro, Jose Marti and many other Cuban luminaries are buried.
-The Revolution Square,
-The San Juan Hill,the site of an epic battle during the Spanish-American War.
-The Morro Castle  is immense, with several levels up and down, all offering great views of the Caribbean and surrounding areas. The people there is charging 5 CUCs for each camera you wanted to take photos with.

Duration: 3-4 hrs

Walking City Tour Santiago de Cuba   

To ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your experience, we organize excursions and activities during your time with us to further enhance your use of Spanish.  Each pre-planned excursion will be led by the teacher and will effectively act as a great way for students to increase the speaking and listening skills in a practical environment whilst also exploring Santiago de Cuba.

A wonderful walking tour of the historic center of town. The best way to see the historic core is to walk the narrow streets enjoying the atmosphere, history and music.
Your teacher will give you great insight into the buildings surrounding the city, the history of this section of the city and lots of other interesting pieces of information.

 Santiago de Cuba is well known for the hospitality of its people and its great cultural richness. The city is surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra Maestra.  It is “the most Caribbean of Cuba’s cities,” and offers visitors the best of its rich history, traditions, and customs. 

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