Direct Flights to Santiago de Cuba (Strongly recommended)

Cubana de Aviación Airlines: The only flight from Madrid to Santiago de Cuba is at 3:15 PM on Tuesday. Returns always from Havana Monday and Friday. ​Book your flight at flights from Toronto, Canada to Antonio Maceo Airport (SCU) in Santiago de Cuba. flights from Orly, Paris to to Antonio Maceo Airport (SCU) in Santiago de Cuba. flights from Roma to Antonio Maceo Airport (SCU) in Santiago de Cuba.

Direct flights to Havana and Holguín.

All flights originate in Toronto, Fort Lauderdale, Paris, Rome or Madrid.

​American Airlines

From Havana to Santiago de Cuba.

The quickest and most expensive way (about 120 USD each way) is to fly.

The other option is the Viazul bus (55 USD each way). There are two buses that stop at all destinations along the way and take about 15 hours. The other bus leaves about 6.30pm and only stops at Camaguey.

Check out the Viazul bus schedule at

We strongly recommend not trying by rail unless you're looking for a real adventure.

From Holguin to Santiago

The taxi will cost in the range of 120 - 130 USD. If you want, we could send a driver to pick you up. That will have the advantage of the taxi driver knowing where your casa is at.

We do not recommend taking a bus!

We can arrange transfer service for students arriving at Santiago de Cuba airport or bus station. Upon arrival, you will be met by your teacher and/or host family who will be holding a placard with your name, surname and will accompany you all the way from the airport to your accommodation.

Will know when your flight is delayed and will meet you at the new time of arrival.