Please take a look below at the testimonials from some of our former students.

Elliott P.

I traveled with 6 other students to Santiago de Cuba. I had a fantastic experience. We stayed with host families and attended Spanish classes with Euqueria in the morning. It was an incredible experience that words can't even describe. My Spanish skills improved exponentially, but most importantly I got a taste of the culture. Euqueria provided fantastic meals and made us seem like family. I loved it and wish to return and meet with the friends I made along the way.

Francie T.

Five students, two professors, and I visited Santiago de Cuba and me and another girl stayed with Euqueria. She was a wonderful host that provided us with a delicious breakfast every morning, a plethora of fresh, delicious mangoes, juice, and either lunch or dinner. I felt safe and well taken care of with Euqueria. She taught me and my fellow students Spanish lessons every day, allowing me to expand my Spanish vocabulary immensely. Overall my experience in Cuba was unforgettable and priceless, thanks in part to Euqueria.

Fiona P.

During my two weeks staying with Euqueria with my group of eight students I have experienced an incredulous cultural immersion. The safe and authentic experiences of staying with Euqueria was an experience of a lifetime that I would love to return to again. The food was great and constituted of traditional dishes and tropical juices. The lessons that Euqueria taught my group of students aided our understanding of the Spanish language and Cuban culture.

Hayden T.

I was one of six students that attended Euqueria's school in Santiago de Cuba for two weeks this past June. While Spanish has proved to be somewhat difficult for me, I found the experiences and time spent in Cuba to be very valuable. beyond just the education provided by Euqueria, she also helped us find our way around the city, and understand the culture on a deeper level. Euqueria's kindness and education led to my time spent in Cuba being well worth it.

Scott Erickson

My son and I took classes together for two weeks, and I remained for two more weeks for extra instruction.

The program offered highly functional lessons, incorporating practice with both listening and expressing, utilizing videos and writing components as well.

The material was such that every day I could go out and practice the new material I had learned, and the pacing was perfect.

I believe this is what helped me make so much progress, and retain so much in such a short period of time. In addition, my professor was very flexible with my classes once my son returned to the United States, allowing for my lessons to be customized to the individual needs of my profession.

Upon searching for the perfect program for our Spanish immersion trip, very few were able to offer this highly customizable program to meet the needs of my family and my profession, while remaining personal and private.

This is all in addition to excellent accommodations including residence at the home of my professor, and delicious, authentic Cuban meals three times daily, and portions to meet my needs. All for a very reasonable price as well, and in the heart of Cuba’s most culturally vibrant city: Santiago.

It was a truly educational and delightful experience!"

With love and warmest regards from Santa Cruz,