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Please, note that the following fees include Teaching Spanish for Professional Purposes

​20 hours per week tuition/ materials,/ drinks/ social programs, and attendance certificate.

      Course fee one week:   260 Euros/USD
Course fee for two weeks:  470 Euros/USD

The full payment of the course fee should be made 4 weeks before the start of the course
to guarantee placement.

Homestay accommodation on a half-board basis:                                    Homestay accommodation on a full-board basis:
  7 nights + 7 breakfasts   +  7 meals:  269 Euros/USD                        7 nights + 7 breakfasts   + 7 lunches     + 7   evening meals:  310 Euros/USD
14 nights + 14 breakfasts  + 14 meals: 534 Euros/USD                      14 nights + 14 breakfasts  + 14 lunches  +  14 evening meals:  620 Euros/USD

An extra night with breakfast 30 €/USD -                                               All payments for housing fee must be on the day of arrival to your host. 

If you prefer to pay with USD, 13%  will be added to the program cost.  (10% penalty charged  and  a 3% financial transaction charge.)

Participants wishing to arrange their own accommodation may pay a fee for the course only. 

Groups:     Please contact us if you would like us to make proposals for a course for a group of teachers. 

The course enables participants to:

  • Develop their confidence, accuracy and fluency in Spanish.
  • Be more creative and effective in the classroom in terms of delivering challenging lessons with motivating, stimulating materials.
  • Share ideas and develop as teachers.  
  •  Produce and edit digital video, create PowerPoint presentations
  • Exchange ideas and develop links with teachers from other countries.

Course Content
Teachers are asked to reflect on the activities, inviting discussion with regard to their own pedagogical knowledge & skills, teaching methods & contexts, and on adaptation of activities to their teaching & learning situations.

Key elements of the Spanish language refreshed include the past tenses,compund tenses, Direct/Indirect Object Pronouns and the subjunctive.
Topics can be adapted depending on participants’ professional needs, priorities, and teaching context.

In addition to the core development course, teachers choose two additional workshops a week, such as ‘Using film in the classroom’, ‘Motivating students’ and ‘Different ways to use songs in the classroom’.

Spanish Teacher Refresher Course
                 From teachers to teachers!

This practical program is aimed at non-native Spanish speaking teachers who wish to refresh and broaden their knowledge of teaching techniques and want to further develop their proficiency in using Spanish  in the classroom. 

 All course participants receive a Certificate of Attendance, specifying the number of tuition hours and a detailed summary of course content

    Site built and managed by : Lic. Euqueria Zamora

If you need any more information before booking your course, please contact us using the contact form or just email
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