This total immersion homestay program provides maximum opportunity for natural and rapid progress in Spanish language learning through support by your
host family. 

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Study Spanish in Your Teacher's Home!

Spanish Group Courses

Staying with a host family will allow you to experience Cuban culture to the fullest extent possible
and to practice Spanish in a natural setting.  All of the families we work with are carefully selected
to meet the demanding standard we hold for our students and their  safety and comfort.
Students have their own private space as well as having time to socialize with the family.

These courses are designed to improve your Spanish skills in conversation, listening, writing and reading. The right option for everyone who is looking for an introduction to Spanish or who wants
refresh his/her language skills. 
Classes concentrate on authentic spoken and written Spanish using relevant texts and videos in order to develop communication skills at an accelerated rate and improve your competence in using Spanish in everyday social situations.   We will adapt our program to your level and goals.

The group courses are tailored to the needs of a specific group of people. The courses can be tailored in terms of length, start date, content and language levels.Whatever your special interests are, they can be incorporated into your personalized learning program.
If you have children, you can take a Spanish Course while your children are being
supervized within a secure and safe environment.  All activities are conducted in Spanish and provide children with an introduction to the Spanish language, although no formal Spanish training is provided.


 This program provides both, a carefully selected homestay and a Spanish language 
program on the dates that suit you and with the intensity you require. This is a unique opportunity to improve your Spanish language skills and discover Cuban culture while living and studying either in your teacher's home or your host family.

 Spanish Language Homestay Immersion Programs in Santiago de Cuba



A unique opportunity to increase your Spanish language skills quickly, examine
​Cuban culture and explore the city.

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