Spanish Courses for Absolute Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Students.
These courses are designed to improve your Spanish skills in conversation, ​listening, writing and reading. The right option for everyone who is ​looking for an introduction to Spanish or who wants to refresh his/her language skills.Classes concentrate on authentic spoken and written Spanish using relevant texts and videos in  order to develop
communication skills at an   accelerated rate and improve your competence in using Spanish
​ in everyday social situations. We will adaptour program to your level and goals.

We also offer Salsa dance lessons.

 Price: Each lesson  (45 mts) =  $9,00.

Your course will be tailor-made to suit your language needs and includes all materials.

Study Spanish in Santiago de Cuba

If you need to find out more about the program, the
accommodation, or perhaps you require other services, contact
​Lic. Euqueria Zamora-Ahonen at or
Skype: euqueria.z

​We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you soon!

​To ensure you gain the maximum benefit from your experience, we also organize excursions and activities during your time with us to further enhance ​ your use of Spanish. The costs of excursions are not included in the course fee . If you choose an excursion or activity with an entrance fee or cost associated, you will need to pay for yourself and your teacher.

We are a group of experienced and dedicated Cuban language teachers who offer Spanish Language Homestay Immersion Programs in  Santiago de Cuba. We all have a university degree and extensive experience in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

These programs provide both, a carefully selected homestay and a Spanish
language program on the dates that suit you and with the intensity you
require. This is an unique opportunity to improve your Spanish language
​skills  and discover Cuban culture while living and studying either in your
​teacher's home or your host family.

  The key word of our program is
-We do not have any set start dates. We offer classes every week of the year.
-Students can choose from 10 to 25 hours of tuition per week- the choice is yours.
-Lessons take place in the morning, but this  may be changed with the agreement of teacher and student. 

When you decide you are ready to proceed you should inform us of your course preferred dates and upon confirmation from us you can make your travel arrangements.
You will experience a true Cuban lifestyle and have an incredible immersion experience!